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Helping the College Graduate Find Employment

I’ve Graduated, Now What?! Over the years I have helped college graduates find employment. Thinking of those I have helped I must admit that most college graduates came to me after I spoke to their frustrated parent. One of the first questions I ask them is, “did they take advantage of their College’s Career Center?” I can honestly state that only one client has ever replied Yes!

This has always amazed me how college students have access to a FREE resource with top notch Career Counselors but they do not feel the need to connect or build a relationship with them. If your child is attending college today tell them to start connecting as soon as possible, not the semester that they will be graduating. It may be attending workshops on job search, interviewing techniques, or resumes, but they need to start establishing relationships and also an understanding on how they will fit into the workforce upon graduating, not afterwards.

Here are some of the struggles/challenges I’ve seen with some tips to job start your career or job search:

  1. Underemployed – Not sure exactly how I fit in. They may be job hopping or just stuck in a job that doesn’t interest them. Explore and identify your motivated skill set and use a targeted job search approach, identify employers you would want to work for and explore their job openings you may just have that Ah-Huh moment.
  2. Sending out resumes but not getting an interview – Must go back to the drawing board and revamp your resume. What you learned in high school on how to write a resume earned you an “A” but it is not for the real world. Use a “Branding Statement” vs an “Objective” and also you must include KEY Industry Words.
  3. Getting the interview but not a job offer – wouldn’t it be great that every interview you go on you get a job offer?! Practice, practice and more practice. Not every interview will go smoothly but understanding possible questions, developing answers and getting comfortable about who you are and the value you bring to an employer is essential.

Now when parents do reach out to me I do give them some tips to help their child, but I will not set up an appointment. I am a coach not a counselor, the first step in working successfully with me is the relationship and the wiliness to move forward. There are many phases in job searching and some may need to start at the beginning of “how do I fit in” or the middle “developing your marketing materials/resumes” or the end “interviewing/job offers”. Coaching is meeting the clients where they need help the most.

My next few blogs will highlight some of my clients; their struggles and their successes, so please check back.

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How do you fish?

By: Cindy Virtue. Job Search Coach.

Are you serious about landing your next job or are you just giving hiring managers a near death experience?

This week I was preparing for my upcoming workshop on how to help teens with their job search and getting ready for a family camping trip to Point Look Out in Southern Maryland where my sister likes to go fishing off their pier. I came across this question from Dick Bowles, Author of “What Color is My Parachute” – How do you fish? Do you choose Pond One that has two fish and ten fishermen or do you choose Pond Two that has twenty fish and only two fishermen?

When I go fishing I like Pond One. Why? I really don’t want to catch anything. I like hanging out with my sister but I have a fear of touching the worm and the fish. I’ll sit there all day, sort of hoping to catching anything only to reel it in and to let it go. This is the “Open Market” in job searching. The Open Market are the job boards, want-ads, placement agencies, etc. This represents less than 20% of all jobs are advertised and yet more than 80% of all job seekers look here!

Now let’s talk about Pond Two. This pond is for the real fisherman, like my sister, who enjoys catching fish all day. The more fish she catches, the more motivated she is to keep trying for that Big Catch of the Day! This is like using the “Hidden Market in Job Search Method”. You access this job market through your personal network, company websites, yellow pages, social media, and by developing leads before they are advertised. More than 80% of all jobs are filled this way but less than 20% of all job seekers look here!

In today’s job market you have to get out of your comfort zone, step up and take charge of your job search, and build relationships that can help you move forward. So, how do you fish?

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Going Crabbing: A Metaphorical Tale for Job Searching

Going Crabbing: A Metaphorical Tale for Job Searching.

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Meet Cindy Virtue – Your Job Search Coach & Motivator!

Cindy’s passion for helping others translates into successfully coaching clients with their own customized job search. Her high energy style and personal approach allow clients to feel at ease and open to all the resources and tools she shares with them. Her no-nonsense approach leads clients through the job market maze with a supportive motivator at their side.

A key element to know is that Cindy personally understands the efforts and commitment involved in job searching. Her own career transitions and 15+ years in a variety of industries and job roles and 6 years’ experience in the career coaching industry allow her to truly empathize with and guide her clients. She bring a wealth of knowledge, care, concern and perseverance to each client she meets with.

Cindy’s zest for life and sharing what she knows translates into energized presentations to small groups or during a 1:1 session. Her success is evident to clients who land an actual job or capture a job lead quickly after Cindy’s discussion with them. Cindy is a Certified Job Search Coach and Career Transition Coach. In her years of job coaching, she’s met and learned from top notch coaches in the industry and brings those ideas and resources to her clients.

Cindy has enjoyed being a part and assisting clients throughout her community. To name a few, Cindy worked with clients from Pinnacle’s Employment Connection Program where she assisted clients 1:1 and through group training at Howard Community College to establish a career plan to find employment or advance in their careers; and PCR’s New Job, New Lives Employment Program which helped immigrants transition back into their professional career and those with limited to no English skills find employment.

Clients have been from all walks of life: Women returning to work after raising their family or may now be facing a divorce and needs to find employment to support her family; young adults with only a high school diploma and feel stuck in their job, or young adults with a college degree that cannot find employment in their field of choice or does not understand how they fit into the workforce; professionals who have been unemployed for over a year and is still searching for employment.

Cindy’s commitments to helping clients find employment and understand life and career balance translate into clients staying connected to Cindy over the years. To find out how Cindy can help you contact her at cindy.jobsearchcoach@gmail.com